Wentworth Resort Townhouse Condominium Guidelines

Trash – Trash may be brought to the dumpster located at the Carter Notch Road entrance. Any overflow should be placed to the rear within the dumpster building.

Ash Removal – Place ashes in red metal containers outside dumpster building! Use extreme caution when removing ashes from wood stoves & fireplaces. Remove ashes only when totally cooled. (This takes days so it is best done on your return trip, before you start your next fire.) Note: A good bed of ashes helps your fire, don’t always aim for an empty firebox.

Fireplaces/Woodstoves – BEFORE lighting a fire, OPEN THE FLUE. Hint from the Board: To prepare for a fire and remove the “cold air stack” in the flue and provide a good draw, light a rolled newspaper and hold it cautiously up into the flue. ONCE AGAIN, USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN DISPOSING OF ASHES.

Parking – Each townhouse is allocated two (2) parking spaces in the building’s parking area. All other cars should be parked elsewhere. BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR!

Whirlpool Tubs – Be sure the holes/outlets in the tub are covered with water BEFORE turning the motor on.

Security Alarms – Please post instructions for the security alarm in a prominent place. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY IN CASE OF FIRE OR ACCIDENTAL SMOKE ALARM. If the managing agent must make service calls to your townhouse to disarm or meet the police or fire department, a charge may be levied.

Noise Levels – Please be considerate of neighbors. Common sense and courtesy are appreciated.

WINTER Minimum Heat Settings – When leaving your condominium, a minimum heat setting must be adhered to. In addition, turn off the water main!

  • Set the forced hot water zone heat thermostats at 60 degrees
  • Set the bathroom heat at 55 degrees
  • Keep all vanity doors open under bathroom and kitchen sinks.
  • Open shower doors to allow air to circulate.
  • Leave laundry doors open, allowing air to circulate. Also hot water heater closets.
  • Leave doors open under stairwells if you have pipes there.

Snow Removal – The plows clear the roads and driveways as soon as possible. If you are home when the plows come by, please move your car so the parking area can be cleared thoroughly. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and helps the crew do a better job.


These Numbers are for informational purposes only, no implied recommendations are intended

  • Fire/Ambulance: 911 Police: 911